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What if slaughter-free, sustainable “clean meat” replaced conventional meat in the grocery store?

Uma Valeti, a successful cardiologist formally with the Mayo Clinic, wants to change the way we eat. His Silicon Valley start-up is pioneering clean meat, otherwise known as cultured meat. Valeti and his team at Memphis Meats are “growing” real pork, beef and chicken, without slaughtering animals.

The Hottest Tech in Silicon Valley Made This Meatball

In recognition of the catastrophic perils of climate change, and with the increase in demand for protein the concept is revolutionary: growing animal flesh for consumption without using the full living sentient animal. Cultured meat is also referred to as clean meat, cell-cultured meat, in-vitro meat, and lab-grown meat. It is meat grown in cell culture. If scientists can grow human tissue from stem cells for use in medical procedures, then why not a similar process for food?

With exclusive behind the scenes access, MEAT THE FUTURE takes the viewer inside the pulse of start-up culture. The unfolding story of Memphis Meats is an exclusive window onto what could be the vanguard of the coming food revolution.

Entrepreneurs, investors, activists, skeptics and critics wrestle with the immense possibilities and challenges; if Uma and his team of scientists, food and marketing experts are successful, the implications are staggering.


Director/producer Liz Marshall
Consultants Chris Hegedus and DA Pennebaker
Executive Producer Gordon Henderson
Cinematography Justin Lovell, John Price
Location Sound Recordist Michael Emery
Web and Social Media Design Karin Culliton
Music Courtesy of MobyGratis.com

Director's Statement

MEAT THE FUTURE is a natural extension of my previous documentary work. Since the 1990s I have had the privilege of featuring resilient stories around the globe, shot within the context of war, climate change, poverty, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. MEAT THE FUTURE spotlights a convergence of issues and questions through an upbeat human story. This is a documentary that grapples with significant global challenges while looking forward to what is possible for humanity. Our film is not another doomsday survey that leaves audiences feeling overwhelmed with information overload. Instead, we zoom in on compelling people working overtime, risking everything to make a difference.

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE, my previous documentary, is widely considered an accessible consciousness-raising impact documentary about a tough subject. It features animal rights photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur as she tackles the epic subject of sentient nonhuman animals used for food, fashion, research and entertainment. MEAT THE FUTURE takes off where I left off – focused on change makers and posing significant questions for audiences to deeply consider. MEAT THE FUTURE combines a cinéma-verité lens with a thoughtful edgy cinematic tone, ushering the viewer into a fast paced world focused on innovation, and the not so distant future.

Liz Marshall
Director, Writer, Producer

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