Midian Farm

A former commune reunites and looks back 

From 1971 – 1977 Midian Farm was a back-to-the-land social experiment created by a community of urban baby-boomers from Toronto. Part of the youth counter-culture movement during a period of social and political re-imagining its utopian vision eventually collapsed. More than four decades later, Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall unearths Midian Farm to memorialize and put to rest a transformative piece of family and Canadian history. 

Written, Directed, Filmed by Liz Marshall
Edited by Roderick Deogrades and Mike Munn
Produced by Liz Marshall and Roderick Deogrades
Original and Traditional Music by Ken Whiteley
Supervising Re-Recording Mixer Daniel Pellerin
Sound Editor Ryan Wibowo
Additional Cinematography by John Price, Justin Lovell, Esery Mondesir
Assistant Editor Ellen DesRues
Production Coordinator Nathalie Klinck
Location Sound Recordists Peter Sawade, Mike Filippov, Chris Miller
Web & Poster Design Karin Culliton

(2018, 1 x 80)
Canada | Color | 5.1 Surround
© LizMars Productions
Funded with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Canada Arts Council