Voices of Dissent

(2003, 1 x 60 minutes)
Director/Producer: Liz Marshall
Host/Writer: Daniel Richler
Director of Photography/Editor: Chris Romeike
Broadcaster: BookTelevision: The Channel / Bravo!NewStyleArtsChannel
Funder: CIDA

For the writers profiled in VOICES OF DISSENT: THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN TURKEY, literature, poetry and journalism is a matter of life and death.

“Producer Liz Marshall of BookTV and host Daniel Richler have done a timely and enterprising piece of reporting in Voices Of Dissent: The Struggle For Freedom Of Expression In Turkey at a moment when so many are struggling to understand the Muslim world and wondering if real democracy will ever be possible there. Richler takes the viewer with him as he struggles to wrap his head around Turkey’s tangled history and politics.”
– Judy Stoffman, TORONTO STAR