Producer’s Assistant

Since 2019, Talia Woodland has worked as producer’s assistant to Liz Marshall. With an eye for detail and a passion and dedication for filmmaking and documentary impact campaigns, Talia coordinates schedules, media requests, and the minutia of ongoing activities for LizMars Productions Inc., keeping things on track.

In 2019, Talia graduated from Toronto’s Humber College Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program. She is the recipient of Humber’s 2019 Women in Film Award and Scholarship for achievement of overall excellence in the program. Her thesis short documentary film All It Gives has screened at 18 global film festivals and has won 3 awards.

Talia was born and raised in Canada’s great white north (the Yukon) and currently resides between Toronto and Whitehorse.


Business Affairs

The Bizable Media team works with creative producers and other rights holders to facilitate, finance, manage and deliver exceptional screen-based content. Our clients are passionate creators of stand-out dramas, documentaries and comedies who appreciate our deep industry knowledge and our effective navigation of the business and compliance aspects that ensure a successful production experience.



Since the 1990s, Liz Marshall/LizMars Productions has worked with talented diverse teams, including, in chronological order: 

Tania Natscheff, Denise Donlon, Tara Jan, Leslie Thomas, Avi Lewis, Tamara Dawit, Shelley Saywell, Deborah Parks, Raj Panikkar, Avi Federgreen, Nina Beveridge, Mila Aung-Thwin, Gordon Henderson, Stuart Henderson, Roderick Deogrades, Jessica Jennings, Janice Dawe, Chris Hegedus, Allan Weinrib, Tom Powers, Lindsay Hicks, Moby, Kyle Vogt.

Bruce MacDonald, Shelley Saywell, Lorena Elke, Elizabeth Klinck, Janice Dawe, Che Green.

Jeremy Munce, Kathy Weinkauf, Aileen McBride, Alison Taylor, Marc Ricciardelli, Steven Budd, Roland Schlimme, Mike Munn, Caroline Christie, Roderick Deogrades.

Chris Romeike, Zoe Dirse, Steve Cosens, Nick de Pencier, Iris Ng, John Price.

Music Composers:
Sue Hutton, David Wall, Jennifer Moore, Mark Shannon, Bob Wiseman, Igor Correia.

Sound Recordists, Editors, Mixers:  
Hartley Weinberg, Jason Milligan, Sanjay Mehta, Peter Sawade, Mike Filippov, Chris Miller, Garrett Kerr, Michelle Irving, Elma Bello, Daniel Pellerin, Matt Chan.